Lauth is Ranked One of Fastest 25 Growing Companies in Indianapolis, Indiana

CARMEL INDIANA (July 18, 2015) — Lauth Group, Inc., headquartered in Carmel, Indiana, was named as one of the fastest 25 growing companies in Indianapolis, Indiana by the Indianapolis Business Journal. In managing well through the Great Recession, maintaining low interest rates, and with the help of a growing economy, Lauth Group has been able to continue growing and moving forward.

Lauth created multiple assets that would provide a longer-term hold for the company. Some of these assets include; office, industrial, retail, health care and multi-family developments. Lauth is a capital-driven business, making it easier to obtain more equity and more projects in the long run. Stated by Lauth Group’s President, Michael J. Jones, “We will now take advantage of the wind that is at our back”.

The Indianapolis Business Journal ranked companies based on their revenue growth over a timeframe of three years and on some of the following criteria; if revenue was increased each fiscal year, if the company was private, independent, or a proprietorship or partnership through December 31, 2014, if founded before the fiscal year January 1, 2012, and if revenue was above $1 Million in the 2012 fiscal year.

About Lauth

Lauth is a 38-year, management owned, full service real estate firm with expertise in development, construction, property management, and acquisitions. Lauth was named one of the Fastest Growing Companies by the Indianapolis Business Journal for 2015. Additional Lauth information is available at